Part of getting you all, “the public”, to be aware of all the fun adventures around Salem was to get the media involved! Thanks to Deborah Gardner Walker from the Salem Gazette we were successful!



My Favorite Thing About This Program Has Been….

My favorite thing I enjoyed in this program has been going on the mini field trips. I think it has been the best thing in my opinion. I enjoyed most of the field trips except the ones that involved being in the woods.I really would of hoped that we went to The Salem Willows but we didn’t go. The Salem Willows is really fun because there’s an arcade there with a lot of fun games. There’s also bumper cars that are super enjoyable, its my favorite thing there. There’s also really good ice cream there, and awesome food too. Too bad we didn’t get to go, I’ve been there many times and I’m sure you’ll like it. I really loved the Saturday Field Trip, we did so much fun things there like playing the games and climbing. My favorite game was Elbow tag, Its super fun. Even though I didn’t enjoy being in the woods I loved the games we played with Clay and Val and the other kids here. I also liked building my shelter with Guelmi, Inavi,and Lindsey. We had a lot of fun building it. We had to make like 564198 shelters cause our first one had a big spider and we didn’t know were it was so we didn’t stay. Then our second one collapsed.. so we were getting really aggravated. Then our THIRD one, the branches kept on falling but Guelmi ended up keeping them up. So we stayed with that one plus it had a lot of shade so we were good :). It looked very nice..Anyways those are some of my favorite things I enjoyed in this Program 🙂

Shelter at the Collins Woods

I liked building the shelters, because it was fun getting tree branches and we had a good shelter, but there was a big spider, everyone freaked out, and our shelter melted. We had to get all the branches and build another one. I also liked building the shelters with my peeps Inavi, Gina, Lindsey, and Yesenis.

By GuilmiDSCF1361 DSCF1369

I was in the shelter. and i helped.

I was in the shelter. and i helped.

Building my shelter

The place we went to this time was Collins wood, we split into groups and got partners and we both made a shelter. Me and my partner Sandra started off by getting sticks and putting them up for the start of our house/shelter we both got REALLY BIG stick and that was the beginning of our house. After we started collected BIG leafs and put them in a pile after we started talking and thinking of where to put them and the design of how we wanted it. We didn’t get to finish but of the looks of it, if we did finish it would look way better than anyone elses. we work the hardest i think so because our hands were dirty look really dirty .IMG_1806DSCF1369

My favorite things about this program

  One of my favorite things in this program is that we explored the forest across the street. We tasted sumac which is pretty good and sour. We also went on field trips one was on a Saturday at Project Adventure or PA. If your in middle school and you want to join this program you can ask your principle in Bowditch or a teacher in Collins Middle School. I recommend you to go to this program because its fun. another thing I like in this program is that last Tuesday we built shelters and I got to tell people where to put things. my favorite field trip was when we went to winter island.



Expanding Horizons

Expanding horizons is a good program, you can learn and have fun at the same time, like going on field trips, and learning nature, and acting, and writing plays. my favorite field trip we went to was Forest River Park because we got to play man hunt and go to the playground. In the beginning of the year we went behind the school into the woods and found things like sumac, and leaves. Then we started making shelters in the forest boys vs. girls, then it was over then we started started acting which was good for me because I’ve been in many played and it was really fun rehearsing,then we went back to nature which made it more fun BECAUSE OF THE FEILD TRIP!!!!!!!!