Tree Park Of Sog

The magic horizon bus took us to a new location on Tuesday. It wasn’t new for ME since I’ve been there more than times than I’ve mistake a phone for a TV remote. And that’s a lot. I was kinda left alone because everyone was headed some place. So I just stood there with my big boots and the trusty clip board. ‘The Adventure Duo and Mario’ (that’s what I call them in my head) were going on a scavenger hunt that they found on the internet and I joined them. Well…more like followed them. I was trailing behind since my boots were so big I was tripping all over the place. The shorter one of the Duo found an inch worm and wouldn’t put it down, Mario did some jumping onto trees, so in other words it was a pretty normal walk around the park. We came to a stop near a black bench that looked murderous and two big grandpa trees. We were supposed to find a container with a slip of paper in it around there, but all we could find were bottle caps that looked like they’ve been on the ground for years. After that we spun around on some spinny things on the playground and returned to the bus when Mario gave the order. I ended up with a soggy piece of paper that was supposed to be a drawing of the trees and stuff. Moral of the story is don’t lay clipboards upside down on soggy picnic tables.wpid-wp-1432240996876.jpeg


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