danger zone (project adventure)

Saturday one of the most horrifying death deciding day ever or so i thought……..project adventure was made out to be mountain past the third part(the ropes). we also went on some wires that were less than afoot off the ground but the experience was close to real it wobbled we fell and we each depended on each other to get to the other rope or tree.i think imagining the part we played really effected our experience.we also did a trust exercise were we each had a partner and had to guide them with there eyes closed then we switched it was really crazy not knowing what was in front behind below or above you. the staff  were great and really helpful they motivated us on every course and even helped out with the belay teams when we were falling behind or just needed help.you should go and don’t forget to to try and get out of your comfort zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Keysha M. Ramos


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